TML Anti-Money Laundering &

Countering Terrorist Financing (AML/CFT)

TML has developed comprehensive compliance and AML/CFT programme that is used throughout its network to ensure full compliance with all relevant rules and regulation. We recognize the importance of complying with all anti-money laundering laws and combating the financing of terrorism. All our branches are required to implement and maintain the comprehensive anti-money laundering processes layout in our AML/CFT manual.


The purpose of the AML/CFT manual is to make sure that TML staff comply with the local rules and regulations and apply best practice home countries anti-money laundering procedures so as to ensure that they :


  • Understand the policies and methods of anti-money laundering procedures fully


  • Adapt the company’s customer acceptance policy and anti-money laundering program.


  • Are aware of the legal obligations in their dealings with customers.


  • Are alert to suspicious transactions and fraud in the transaction process.


  • Report suspicious transactions according to set procedures and statutory requirements.


  • Retain appropriate records for the required period as required by the authority.

TML Remittance Center Sdn. Bhd. is regulated by Central Bank of Malaysia (Bank Negara Malaysia, BNM)

(licensee providing digital services) under MSB Licence Number 00455.

Perniagaan Perkhidmatan Wang Berlesen/ Licensed Money Services Business
Perniagaan Pengirim Wang/ Money Transfer Business

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